Help to build CSV file, zip CSV file

Hello KoboToolbox community,
I am asking you for help. The questionnaire I made (currently working on Kobo) but I had problems when it was not working on the tablet. I am currently using the web version.
I hope you can help me solve some problems. let’s start :slight_smile:
The questionnaire consists of 2 main blocks:

  1. Organizations and information about them. At this point I made a csv file that works. However, there are 31k data in the database and I want to archive the database and use it that way.
  2. There are three (same) questions about the specialty in the questionnaire. When the base of specialties was “choices”, it works beautifully with the “Search” function. Unfortunately, I could not convert this database to csv format :frowning: And if you help me to create this csv file and use it in its archived form.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    I am attaching the questionnaire and 2 csv files (shortened version).

ARC_2023_specialtes.xlsx (22.2 KB)
data_ID.csv (44.2 KB)
specialtes.csv (6.0 KB)

@shoshka, sorry could not still understand your issue. Could you …

  • … list out the issue you are having (maybe in a detailed form) so that the community could help you out?
  • … also remove the unnecessary questions from your XLSForm (that you shared) and only keep the ones related to pull-data (if you wish to solve the pull-data issue)?

Hello Kal_Lam,
Thanks for your attention. At this stage, I found out the second issue and decided it. At this point I hope to solve the remaining question.
In the Q1 question, the organization number is written (eg 100088110), after which it appears in other questions (relevant information from the “data_ID.csv” file).
Because there are more than 30k records in the data and the file size is large.
In what form can the archive of this database be linked?
Thanks again for your help.
ARC_2023_specialtes.xlsx (19.5 KB)
data_ID.csv (44.2 KB)

@shoshka, maybe you could ZIP your CSV file if it’s too large. ZIP it and upload it like you would normally upload your CSV file to the server.