Help to edit a survey form

Hello all,
I have encountered a problem, I had launched a form in which, there is a mandatory question that was not necessary, this question prevents from going to another.
However, the Investigators have already saved some incomplete investigation forms. Now these forms are in the “Edit saved form” section. Is there any way I can edit these forms while using the new corrected version to finalize them?


J’ai rencontré un problème, j’avais lancé un formulaire dans lequel, il y a une question obligatoire qui n’était pas nécessaire, cette question empêche de passer à une autre.

Cependant, les Enquêteurs ont déjà enregistré certaines fiches d’enquête non complètes. Maintenant ces formulaire se trouvent dans la partie « Editer formulaire enregistré ». Est-ce qu’il n’y a pas un moyen pouvant me permettre d’éditer ces formulaires tout en utilisant la nouvelle version corrigée afin de les finaliser.

Welcome back to the community, @karl103! You could do the following to edit your submissions from the server:

  • Make necessary corrections and then redeploy.
  • Go to the server and then make edits to the submissions that requires editing.

Note: At the moment it seems that the Collect android app is not able to edit the corrections made with the skips/constraints with the redeployment. Pinging @Xiphware here.

Thank you for your help @Kal_Lam

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A workaround could be to let the enumerators enter a dummy value which you may communicate. This will allow them to finalise the saved forms.

For not yet started forms they can use the new form. (Everyone might wait until all pending forms have been sent, to get a clean point together.)

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Unless the mandatory question was a note type of question


Hello @stephanealoo,
Good point! But then we probably have a relevant filter for the note, which could be influenced by an adapted special entry to come through.

Hi @wroos
Actually I meant that your approach of entering dummy data makes lots of sense. Unless the question is a note that has an accidental required=true. cc @karl103

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