Help with a formula

Good evening every one and thanks for this awesome tool.

I’m trying to calculate the CKD-EPI of some patients but i can’t find out how to make explicit this formula in KoboToolbox language.
This is the formula:

  • GFR = 141 * min(Scr/κ,1)α * max(Scr/κ, 1)-1.209 * 0.993Age * 1.018 [if female]

Scr is serum creatinine (mg/dL), κ is 0.7 for females and 0.9 for males, α is -0.329 for females and -0.411 for males, min indicates the minimum of Scr/κ or 1, and max indicates the maximum of Scr/κ or 1

i know, not very user friendly
how can i manage this “thing”?

thank you so much

Welcome to the community, @mzaccari! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you design your formula in KoboToolbox.

In addition, you should also be able to use calculations as discussed in these previous posts.