Hide fields in data export

using ENKETo web format.
when i export my raw data in xls format… i get fields with headers of Notes with blank information

How to hide these fields while exporting. anything to be written in code on survey TAB?
i have received blank field for Logo(Image) also.

help needed.

Could you kindly share with us a sample of your issue through a screenshot. This should help us provide you with better support.

When you add note questions to your form, these will be exported as empty columns on your data. Unfortunately there is no way to remove them from the data export. This also applies to the logo column.

You can however see the workaround discussed in the following topic


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Well Im in the middle of developing the form prior to deploy in field. so for as suggested i can implement the remedy after completion of survey . will try this and get back to u
meanwhile scripting in excel would give what we want… has anyone developed an excel module ?

On your last query

There are lots of material around working with VBScripts on excel, I would suggest you run an internet search and you should be able to accomplish quite a lot,


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