Hiding certain Fields when Data is publicly viewable

I have Depolyed my surveys, and require the public to see attachments from those surveys without needing to log in and have a Kobo account. However the attachment link has the Kobo Project ID in the URL and using that they can view all the Surveys and all the Data when it used in the forms URL.
This is not an issue, however I have private data such as emails that I dont want it seen by the public. Is it possible to hide certain columns/fields from being visible in the Data to the public?

Welcome to the community, @vtroharov! This feature is currently not available with KoboToolbox. Hence I have changed your post to a features request. Feel free to reach us if you wish to sponsor this feature for KoboToolbox. We would be happy to incorporate this feature with KoboToolbox (that would benefit the entire KoboToolbox users).

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On a side note, maybe this feature would also benefit when sharing projects (sharing permissions/row-level permissions) with other users.

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Maybe as workarounds:

  • You probably know that you can download the attachments as zip file, which you might “publish”…
  • You might also use selected Excel data export or PowerBI together with the attachments.
  • As far as I know you can also filter the table view by settings and block changing it by another account/user with view permission.

Thanks guys, I took a different approach where I trigger a backend api to download the file using an API key. This way I dont need to provide public access to the surveys.

Maybe, you could share your api solution with the community, please?