Hiding form fields form multiple users by adding them to the user group

Hello everyone,

I am new to the KoboToolbox and trying to create form to get some inputs from the users.
In this process I want to restrict some users to fill few form fields and other users can have access to all form fields.

I have created user groups and assign users under each group. I want form fields to be hidden from multiple users so how can I add condition that hides fields from groups.

Please let me know if anyone has expertise in this and how to resolve this.

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the community, @nikhilk003! So if I understood you correctly, you wish to share a form with your colleague but wish to restrict only partial questions from the form. Is this the case? If yes, kindly please confirm.

Thank you for your prompt response @Kal_Lam!!

Yes. Correct. But we have multiple user who will not see few questions and I have group those users together.

Can I hide those questions to the groups instead of multiple users? Is their any provision for this?

For example: Users from different State/province

Thank you in advance!

Dear @Kal_Lam

Do you have any solution or any workaround on this? It would be really helpful if we could have such user role based functionality.

Thank you for your support!

Hello @nikhilk003,

Hope so you’re doing good, in KoboToolbox, you can achieve your goal of restricting certain users from accessing specific form fields by using the “skip logic” feature. Skip logic allows you to define conditions based on user groups and control which form fields are visible to different groups.

To implement this, follow these steps:

  1. Create user groups: Assign your users to different groups based on the access privileges you want to provide.
  2. Define skip logic: In the form builder, select the form field you want to hide from certain groups. Then, set up skip logic for that field by specifying the condition that determines when it should be hidden.
  3. Set conditions based on user groups: Within the skip logic configuration, you can choose the “User’s group” as the condition type. Select the specific group(s) that should have access to the field, and set the action to “Hide” for other groups.

By setting up skip logic with conditions based on user groups, you can control the visibility of form fields for different users. Users in the designated groups will be able to view and fill in the fields, while others will see them hidden.

I hope this helps you achieve the desired restrictions and customization in your KoboToolbox form. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Bryce June