Hiding tables from a custom report

Hi, I just want to quick view my data in graphs instead of a table. However after I select a pie graph (data - reports - configure report style - pie graph - save) nothing happens.

The questions I’ve used are just simple, all using the ‘number’ option in the question builder (and answered from 1-5).

How can I view the information I’ve collected in graphs?

Thanks so much

Welcome to the community, @Gabrielle! Do you mean, you simply want the graphs and do not need the table for the custom report?

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks for the speedy reply. Yes all I want to do is look at the graphs that Kobo autogenerates. They work if I use a different form with different questions (e.g. ‘rating’ or ‘select one’ question style options), however one form has already been sent out using the ‘number’ question style option and it won’t generate graphs. Can you help with this?

@Gabrielle, could you share with us a screenshot for this? The screenshot should be able to explain the issue pictorially.

Hi @Gabrielle
There are some types of graphs that cannot be used by some types of questions. This seems to be the case with what you are explaining. Could you kindly send the screenshot requested by @Kal_Lam so that we look at it?



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Hi Stephan and Kal, I tried private messaging you but it wouldn’t let me. Regarding the graphs,

I don’t get an error message, I just click on ‘pie’ and ‘save’ and nothing happens. I’ll attached the screenshot below.

Do you think it’s because the question style is ‘number’ and not ‘select one’ or ‘rating’?

Might be great to put some details in the documentation? We have a lot of questions around graph and report features in this forum.
Have a nice week-end!

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@Gabrielle, you got that correct. There are some question types that does not support the chart like the integer.

@wroos, thank you and well noted.

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Thank you for your help, it’s odd that the ‘numbers’ style question don’t convert data into graphs but it’s useful to know this.

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