History of submissions

Hello forum,

I need some advice in accessing the history of submissions of surveys, for example, when a survey is conducted on kobo, and then submitted, and then edited, and then resubmitted - how can i acess the original submission?

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the community, @co2balancemaria! Are you trying to refer to editing the submission in the server and then trying to get all the versions while downloading? Say you had submitted 2 records. You edited one record and then left the other one untouched. So when downloading your data you wish to have one version where you could access the edited version of the records and the other version for those which was not edited and also maybe another option which downloads all the version (edited and unedited)? Is this something you meant?

Hi Kal, yes that would be very helpful! You have put it in other words!

@co2balancemaria could you also briefly explain why both these versions should be needed when you already have the final clean version of the data?

Hi Kal, this is for quality control and to be able to trace mistakes.

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@co2balancemaria, this is not possible at the moment with KoBoToolbox but we will keep this in our notion board as a design idea so that we could have this when we should have funding available for the same. Thank you for bringing this to the community.