Hitting Download opens a google sheet in chrome - doesn't save to my location first

I’m using chrome and i’m thinking this might be a chrome issue - but its seems it could also be a little change is kobo… not sure.
I would export and then download before. The download file would just be there in the downloads where i had specified it to be saved.
Now, i hit download in kobo and it automatically opens up - in the same tab to the downloaded file in chrome (a google sheet file) which is annoying. Then i need to download that in the google sheets to the location i wish to save it.
I think previously it asked where i wanted to download it… and it would be there.
I"ve looked at the chrome settings and it saves to the download folder, and it also asks where i want to download (which seems contradictory to me).
so a bit baffled why this is happening in kobo!
thanks for any light on the issue.

@tabas, have you checked the download folder? Maybe you could set the download folder to your desired location as outlined here.

Thanks! It’s a chrome/ext thing. and i worked it out now. i had on an office editing extension on my browser that was causing it to open up automatically. took that off and it now does what it used to, downloading and asking me where to put it!

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@tabas, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: