Honduras entry form link “Epidemiological Health Surveillance Form” not working

The pre check requirements for entry into Honduras links to a KoBo page. That page says it is not working

“Browser storage is required but is not available, is corrupted, or is not writeable. If you are in ‘private browsing’ mode please switch to regular mode, otherwise switch to another browser. (error: {“isTrusted”:true})”

Can anyone tell me if this is under repair or is no longer required by Honduras immigration please? We travel in under 48 hours and it is listed as a requirement, but not functional.

Welcome to the community, @chickenleg5012! Could you share with us the screenshot of your issue so that we could visualize it pictorially?

I was just about to close this. Figured it out. The website didn’t like Firefox. Had to use chrome. Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing the solution to the entire community, @chickenleg5012! Expecting the same in the upcoming days too to make this forum a learning and sharing platform.