Horizontal-compact deselect item

I was creating a form with the “horizontal-compact” option and I really like how minimal it is. However when I have the form on a phone there is no way to deselect an option if you accidentally hit one of the options. The question is not mandatory. Is there a way to deselect and option and keep it as no data? I tried double clicking the selected option and that did not work. How do you clear a question?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Welcome back to the community, @dara_glifwc! Could you share the relative part of the XLSForm so that the community could help you test the same? The community also expects a screenshot of the part that is not working for you so that it would be a straightforward way to test it.

Sorry I needed to go live with the form so I have changed the question option to a drop down menu. The horizontal-compact deselect works in the online submission, but it wasn’t working in the ODK Collect form on an android phone. Sorry I provide more information until after this form is done for the year. Thank you though!