Household roster information missing in xls data-set downloaded from KoBoToolbox

I intend to use Kobo to conduct a survey. I have already implemented all questions in the program, including several roster questions, each starting with an open question, and the subsequent questions adjusting themselves according to the answer given before (${…}). This works fine in the app, but the problem arises in Excel. While looking at the Excel table it became clear that all roster questions of the survey are not included in the Excel table, they are missing completely. what is the reason for this? and what is the solution for my problem? Is there someone else who has had the same thing happen to you? would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you!

Hi @Hans,

Welcome to the community! Please see the discussion that has happened in the past which should solve your issue on missing roster data from your data-set while downloading from KoBoToolbox server:

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thank you for your fast reply! And how can I combine the different excel sheets in order to only have one excel sheet in the end (and then work on it in SPSS)? In my case more than 10 different sheets appear…

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Hi @Hans,

You could merge the roster data with the main data-set as outlined in the discussion that has happened earlier:

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Thank you very much for sharing this discussion. However, I still don’t understand what exactly I have to click in excel in oder to merge the different excel sheets and to ensure that the data of the same cases are linked. Could somebody give more detailed a step by step explanation please?

Hi @Hans,

Please be informed that KoBoToolbox does not offer you the feature of merging household roster data-set with the main data-set that you have collected. The information provided below is just an idea of what you should look over to so that you could use some third party software to merge your data-set.

You generally see 2 or maybe more sheets in your downloaded xls dataset when you have repeat group questions within your survey questionnaire.

Please note that the first sheet that is generally seen when opening your xls dataset is the main dataset. This dataset contains a variable named _index . If you go to the next sheet (which should be your first repeat group sheet) you should see a variable named _parent_index .

Theoretically, the number of cases in your first sheet (default sheet) is always less then or sometimes equal to the next sheet (that contains the repeat group response). The two sheets can be merged based on your analysis requirement. Please note that the cases from _parent_index should always be matched and merged from those with the _index or vise-versa (i.e. as per your analysis requirement).

You could merge the data from these two sheets using lookup command (if you are using MS Excel ) or maybe you could also use some third party software such as SPSS , stata , R , SAS and so on.