How advanced is QR code?

Hello Colleagues,
We have +40 households (hh) whose daily eating will be collected. Each hh has information like District, community name, village name, GPS, school#, number of children.

Question 1: Is there a way to have the questionnaire fixed to a tablet for a specific household? I was thinking maybe to make profile each of hh and generate a QR code for each of them and while scanning information will be pulled out and hh will continue to fill out what they have ate today.

Question 2: In the same form, have repeat_count. e.g if hh have 2 children for both children should be asked their weight and height. Will repeat_count work while scanning info from QR code?

**Question 3:**if all above works, could please, provide any source how to generate info in QR code and how kobotoolbox works with QR code

Many thanks,

Welcome to the community @Amriddin! Would you mind having a look at our post discussed previously (it should help you solve your issue):