How can a calculation be typed and hidden

We are looking for a possibility to use a calculation for a dedicated type (other than calculate), like select_one (or date), but to hide it. This will have advantages for tabulation and data export (and for example SPSS import), as we can get a fixed type and the related labels (even in more than one language.)


Example age group, based on age, see XLSForm.

  • calculate type or hidden type will not allow a select_… type
  • disabled option (undocumented) will not even do the calculation. See table view (and export).

Age04.xlsx (15.2 KB)

Table view


Age Groupe d’âge (calculé) Groupe d’âge (hidden) Groupe d’âge (calculate) _id
6 05-09 ans 5 5 255881367
17 15-17 ans 15 15 255881370

The Online validator gives a warning, related to the specification.
But relevant is not what we need here!

@Xiphware Might there be any advanced options, like using a bind (column)?

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