How can i can connect my survey to excel properly?

hey there,

I was looking on YouTube for different ways to connect my surveys with excel sheets , I’ve tried all of them but sadly whenever i connect my account to excel and download the data into the excel sheet , you can see in the uploaded image that the columns headers displayed as numbers not text , as for the data in the columns you can see that it is not displaying the name of the choices in most rows >>>>>>

how can i fix this please ??

@manaraat, have you managed to go through this post discussed previously? It should help you solve your issue:

sadly it didnt work

ive followed to the exact steps and changed the langauge at the end of the suggested url from english to arabic as below: User name /reports/report ID/export.csv?lang=arabic

ive tried on power BI and Excel

it didnt work with both , i still get the values

ive tried as well to change the format from csv to xls and xlxs in the url it didnt work

How many languages does your project have? Does it have English as well as Arabic?

it had arabic only
ive added english now and tried , didnt work …

Hi @manaraat
What language is in the excel and computer you are pulling the data into?


arabic , do i have to change the system language?

Not really. However, I am testing a theory, “when data is read right to left while it was written in left to right, it may be causing some issues” External point to check for similar issues, one, two


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i dont think that this is the issue …

Can i Send u a private msg to explain more ??

I managed to solve the part of the issue where i can update the links manually for importing data into excel … still looking for another way to get the new data just by clicking refresh on excel / power BI connections …

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