How can I change the name of the Survey Link

Hi all, I have a question please, I already deployed the form and started getting responses, but I would like to change the name of the link, instead of sending it to people looking like this Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox, I would like it to show as the name of the survey, as people are hesitant to press the link thinking its scam, any ideas please from the form builder itself as I cannot re-upload an excel file since I already have people who have responded,

Many thanks for your help as always

Maybe you could hyperlink your URL and then share it with your team.

how can you hyperlink it on facebook? or other socials? is it possible?

Maybe try this out (to see if it solves your issue):

Click inside the text field marked "What's on Your Mind," which is located right above your Facebook wall. Type the status update that you want to include with the link. Type or paste the URL of the Web page that you want to share into the text field. Include the "http://" section of the URL.

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