How can I connect my own server with pgAdmin 4?

Hi there! I am new here, thanks for help us! This is a wonderful application, so Maybe this question can be stupid, but, I was wondering if you can help me to get the Host name/address and the user with its password

Hi @Diegor
You should have no issue knowing your own username and email address. If you have an issue with your password, I recommend you reset it using the approach described here


@Diegor If you want to connect to postgresql container from postgres client, enusre that

  • Posgresql port is opened on the firewall, the default port is 5432

  • Ensure the port is mapped (5432->5432) from host to the postgresql container

See quick demo video

I have attached screenshot

What did yo do to map the ports?

You do the mapping using docker commands

Could you give me the codes?