How can I edit records that were submitted by API

I am trying to edit my record, that i submitted via this endpoint ( I have tried to edit it using kobotoolbox, but it gave me this error message:

I tried to edit via API too,, but it gave me this error message:

So, how can i edit records that were submitted by API?

Welcome to the community, @odilianhacundela! The issue could be due to the timeout. How long have you exposed your API to make edits? As a quick check, could you make a quick edit and then submit the data to the server to see how it behaves?

No, its not about timeout. All records that i have submitted using enketo, accept the edit function. But the data that i have submitted by API do not accept to be editted.

We have SOLVED this issue, and here our give back to the community!
There is an error in API documentation. You need to insert “formhub” and form “uuid” in this way:

id: "kpi_asset_id"
"submission": {
 "formhub": {
        "uuid": "form_uuid",
//the other data....

Adding formhub you can edit the form from Enketo. I don’t test to update it using API (PUT).
@Kal_Lam, please update the api/v1/submissions documentation, thanks
Best regards