How can I enable different data collectors to edit and resend all sent data

How can I enable different data collectors to edit and resend all sent data?

Hi @pisanproject1, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

There are row-level permissions that can do exactly what you asked. Here is the support article about that:

Hope this helps. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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I can not add users. It is not finding username when the usernames exist

Hi @pisanproject1, are the usernames on the same server?

Which server are you using? Can you make sure that the users opened their accounts on the same server?

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They are all opened on the humanitarian server, but pisanproject1 can’t find pisanproject3

Are there other ways? Like something I can click at the backend that reflects on their Andriod apps that they can resend forms

Or maybe something that tells me what Andriod device sent which of the forms

Hi @pisanproject1,

Which data collection tool are you using? ENKETO Web Forms or KoboCollect App?

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I found that it is actually not humanitarian server. Hence, I have added a user. But this doesn’t show already collected data from the added user.

For this project data has already been collected, however, I need them to edit the anonymous data to identify the data collector, but I cant view data collected by each user

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Also, can the unique ID generated be tracked to a particular Andriod device?

@pisanproject1, if you want to share an already existing project with your team, you could also use the sharing permission features outlined in the support article Managing Permissions.

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Could you provide more details on this?

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