How can I get 0 or 1 from kobo API for multi-selected questionnaire?

When I download result from API, the Multi-select option questionnaire option will be “True” / ”FALSE”.
But when I download from the kobo (DATA/Download->XLS+XML Value and headers), its result will be 0 or 1.
Is it possible to show 0 or 1 from API?
Actually, I don’t want to collect results by TRUE or FALSE by using API. How can I show 0 or 1 for multi-selected questionnaire by using API (


I am not so sure what you could do to get them as 1 or 0 but my suggestion would be that you include on the delivery side post download processes that automatically change the true to 1 and false to 0…this will however depend on what you are pulling the data to. If you are using something like PowerBi then you should be able to add this within your normal query.


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**Actually, it’s input is 0 and 1 when I don’t make a group. That means when the multi-selected questionnaire is under a group then its output is true and false. But when the multi-selected is not under the group, its output is 0 and 1. **
Multi-Selected questionnaire (Under Group) = “TRUE” & "FALSE"
Multi-Selected questionnaire (Individual/Non-group) = “0” & "1"
I don’t know how to change True-False to 0-1.

Thanks a lot.