How can I group my templates

Hi everyone,
I am new on this forum.
I use KoboToolbox for different survay campains. Thus I would like to know if it is possible to group my templates by campain. Each campain as the name of a city. I would like to create templates and then to group them and thus have a group of a few templates in the group “City A”, then a few in the group “City B”, etc.
It would more clear and more clean to use it this way than to have a list of templates not grouped.
I hope my question is clear. If it is not the case, please, just ask me for more details.
I hope someone will be able to help me !

Welcome to the community, @gar! Do you mean managing your templates in a library?

Thank you for your message.
Well, If a library is a group of templates, so I guess yes, my goal corresponds to manage templates in a library.