How can I identify which surveys that appear as sent have been received on the platform?

How can I identify which surveys that appear as sent have been received on the platform. Information is collected from two telephones and with the user they have collected from different projects. Currently 401 surveys appear on the platform, but there should be 435.

Welcome to the community, @ricardovalenzuela! How do you confirm that only 401 submissions have been synced with your KoBoToolbox user account out of a total of 435?

HI @ricardovalenzuela
Welcome to the forum. You should also be sure that only one version of the deployed form is actually available on the phone. If the users collected data on an older version of the form with a more similar name, you can confuse the total number of completed forms. I suggest you look and ascertain.

A general principle on our part is that we can only verify that what is submitted is what we can see on the servers. Unless we have a major issue where most if not all the submitted form are not being seen.


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Well, I have the report of people who receive services and that is 435. In this number they should have made the survey. I asked to the people who send the surveys to confirm they have ended the process. It´s always the possibility that they haven´t made it all, but i just wonder if there is a mechanism to identifi this in the platform.

Could you also let us know the tool (Enketo or 'Collect android app) you used for data collection?

Collect android app

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OK, great! Could you share with us the following through a private message so that we dive into your issue:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@ricardovalenzuela, as of now I see 402 submissions in your user account. Will get back to you shortly.

OK, one final question that should help us to investigate your issue:

Do you see traces of filled up forms in your Collect android app under the View Sent Form? If yes, can you confirm that they are all related to this particular project (where you claim that some of the submissions are missing and does not include submissions related to other projects)? Sometimes, the enumerators may add other submission totals with your current submission, and you may be getting the wrong submission count. Could you kindly verify this with your enumerators (data collection team)?

Well yes. One of the two android app that are collecting the data, have 1051 surveys send, and that is because she have participate in other proyects recollecting information.

In this case, could you filter out the project submissions that are not related to the current project? Maybe you could identify the exact number of submissions by doing so.

How can I filter them? we have to count in the device one per one or is another method available?

Yes, you could count them manually.