How can I install KoBoToolboox On my workstation?

Hi everyone!
I was trying to install KoBotoolboox on my workstation, but I always receive this:
Thanks for help!

Hi @SebastianZ
Welcome to the community forum. Could you please provide more information about the stage at which this happens? I believe you are following the steps laid out on our support articles on installation within your own servers. Could you provide details about your server type etc, this would help other users chime in to support.


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Hello @SebastianZ,

It means that another process is already running on port 80.
Run the setup once again (./ -s) choose advanced options at the beginning. When you are asked

Web server port?

Trying something different (e.g. 8080)


That was the problem, I just typed sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop

Thanks a lot!

You are the best!