How can I make a limit to the 'integer' data type (e.g. 01 to 99)?

My limit will be 01-99. No one can enter ‘1’. The user has to input ‘01’. That means in the integer (Number) data types user must have to input always 2 digit numbers.

You may use “regex” command in constraint column.

I can use it, but the factor is “0”. By this procedure ‘1’ is taken. But I need ‘01’ will be taken, not single “1”. And data type must be 'integer"

Hi @tanzilhuda,

Backing up with what @bernieseville have said you could do the same as shown in the image below:

In the survey sheet of the xlsform:

Note: With this expression you will not be able to enter 00, hence integer between 01 to 99 are only accepted.

Reference xlsform:
Regex_Constraint.xlsx (10.0 KB)


It’s working perfectly. Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot @Kal_Lam. It’s only you who give me the awesome and perfect answer. Really, you are awesome.

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Gracias @Kal_Lam por la ayuda, me sirvió de mucho tu respuesta y pude solucionarlo. Miles de gracias amigo. Saludos a la distancia.

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