How can I make sure all conditionnal questions disappear as they should when I change previous answers?


I have an issue filling my questionnaires, with conditionnal questions remaining “stuck” even when previous answers have been changed.

More specifically and to illustrate the problem, this issue appears when I need to collect geographical data : Question 1 aims at selecting one region in a list of 3. Once the region has been selected, a conditionnal question (Question 2) appears aiming at selecting the name of the district in the corresponding region selected in Question 1, with an “other” option, triggering an additional question (Question 3) for the questionnaire administrator to manually add the name of a potentillay missing district.

However, and once “other” has been selected and Question 3 has appeared, and even if the answer to Question 1 changes, Question 2 disappears and is replaced by the corresponding list of district for the newly made choice in Question 1, but Question 3 remains if “other” was previously selected.

How can I make sure that all conditionnal questions disappear as they should when I change previous answers?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Could you share a related extract of your form, please, incl. some choices?
Did you already check your form with the Online validator, please?

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On the image below, when I answer “Ziguinchor” to Question 12, then Question 13 displays with all the “communes” choices for the “département” of Ziguinchor. Last choice of “Commune”, (“Autre” = “Other”), if selected, triggers Question 14 (that would have remained masked otherwise) for the questionnaire administrator to fill in the name of the missing “commune” if necessary. In other words, Question 14 is linked to Question 13 (in case “Autre” is answered), which is itself linked to Question 12 (in case “Ziguinchor” is selected).

However, and if I go back to correct Question 12 and change the “département” chosen, then Question 13 disappears (as it should) but Question 14 remains.

How can I solve this issue ?

@qs_removall, could you kindly share the relevant part of your XLSForm so that the community should be able to have a closer look at your issue?

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Please see below the relevant part of my XLSForm :

Thank you!

Design-hint: You might better use a cascading select with a choice-filter, instead of your multiple relevants for the community. See Adding Cascading Select Questions — KoboToolbox documentation.
This will also facilitate analysis, as you will not get multiple separated columns for the same content, e.g. commune.

Another solution would be to add the relevant of the “parent” question (commune) to the “autre” question.

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@qs_removall, I agree with @wroos. Maybe having a cascading select would be easier for you.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, when I use the cascading select tool another issue arises: all questions are displayed, even if some of them should remain hidden unless triggered by answers to previous questions.


Please see above: in this example, if I respond “Oui” to question 1, this will trigger question 2, which choices of answers will appear. However, I’d like question 2 to remain hidden UNLESS I’ve selected “Oui” to question 1.

Once again, I’d like the forms to be as easy to use as possible for enumerators.

Could you please help me solve this problem ? I’ve tried contacting you by mail multiple times.

Thank you.

What is the relevant expression you use to filter Question 2? Can you share the rekevant part for the 2 questions, please, incl. the choice list.

The relevant must be ${Q1Name} = ‘ChoiceOuiName’. Make sure that you use the names, not the labels. (And don’t use != ‘ChoiceNo’ expression as this would evaluate to true for an empty Q1.)


I have exactly the same problem as you. Did you manage to solve it? Could you share with me your solution?


If there was an option to add “clear page” to the page of a form, it would solve the problem too.