How can I retrieve image according to a reference field

Dear supports,

I want to build a form of 50 sets of repeat questions. Questions are consistent in each round but the image is different depending on the iteration number.

For example:
Iteration 1:
Figure 1: [show 01.jpg]

Iteration 2:
Figure 2: [show 02.jpg]

Now I can count the round of iteration with position(…) then I make a calculate row as follow:
concat(“0”,${iteration},".jpg"). I then put the name of the calculate row as a reference in the media::image column.
However, it did not work.

Is there any way we can show the image without specifying the file name directly.

Sorry for my bad English
Thank you in advance

Hi @songyosr,

Will have a look at it and get back to you if possible. But kindly please be informed that it may take some time.

Have a great day!

Please note if your images are different, then the questions are also different. So you have to create questions that are only appearing when an iteration condition is met using skip logics. Confirm if this would work for you