How can I show calculate data on text field/input form

We know, we can show calculate data on the “note” type field, so it can’t go to the server. Is it possible to show data on the “text” type input field? So the calculate value goes directly to the server.

Dear @tanzilhuda,
as far as I know you can use calculation with any field type, e.g. text, integer etc. (You might need to convert the result to that type.) I think also calculate as type will go to the server.
Kind regards

In reality, an XLSForm ‘note’ is merely a convenient shorthand for a read-only text control; there is no actual XForm ‘note’ data type. So you can mix-n-match outputs, calculations, etc equally with either (including putting a calculate directly on a note!)

Have a look and play around with this, hopefully it’ll explain what you can do:

calc.xls (25.5 KB)