How can I update a survey without losing the collected information?

I’ve created a survey and have already received responses from users. However, I need to make updates to the survey. How can I update it without mixing up the information that has already been provided?

Hi Maria,

What kind of changes you would like to make? Such as adding questions, adding option doesn’t mix up your data, if you can provide more information, we would be happy to help

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Hi, yes. he survey was set up to collect information over 3 years, with the same questions for each year. Since Kobo unfortunately can’t handle a large number of questions, I’ve decided to change the survey to be filled year by year separately (3 different submissions). Some of the users have already filled in information for at least two years for the old version.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you collected three years of data under one submission but now you would like to create one submission for each year and you already collected some data. It is not possible without little bit of mixing up, would you be fine if you download all the data, edit the form as you like and import the data back in the form?

if there is no repeat question in your survey, it would be done easily

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I was trying to add all the updates in the same version, but because I was adding more question in it was not possible to deploy the survey. First I had a 3,000 question survey and with the updates became around 4,800, so it didn’t allow me to deploy. Now, If I edit the answers that means I have to do this manually? We’re talking about 600 hundred submissions.

@Maria2050, 3,000 questions for a single survey is way too big. It could time out when loading the form.

To be honest, 3000 questions are a lot as Kal mentioned, but if you need to mix up your data anyway to be able to update it. The only way I can come up with this is to import the data back after you arrange your form again. For import, you just need to adjust the template and 600 submission will be imported within 1-2 mins.

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thank you for all the support!

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