How can options from a question be automatically updated when changes are made?

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I’m not sure if this sort of question is allowed or what sort of help I can get, but I thought I’d give it a try anyways.

I’m trying to use KoBoToolbox to get regular project reports from villages around the world. I’d like for the user to be able to choose their country, region, and village from drop-downs in the survey, which would make these projects searchable by those attributes/tags in our database. The issue is that we add new villages to our database often. It is not feasible to have somebody upload a new version of the survey every time a new village gets added.

I’m wondering if there’s any way you guys can think of to have a drop-down auto-update or fetch information from a spreadsheet each time it’s loaded? If not, which seems likely, what sort of workaround could I use to allow people to find their village in the drop-downs without having to manually create a new version of the survey after the village is created?

I appreciate any and all help, I realize this is a long-shot.


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It seems what we have here is a dynamic list of villages which will need to be updated regularly. I also noted that you are not open to regular form medication which would sort the issue out. I would however recommend a different approach that uses either of the two functionalities: pull data or external select. In both cases when the form is deployed you will have an output csv within your media folders in the folders being used by ODK for the android phone.

The workaround (NOT SYSTEM DEPENDENT) is based on taking advantage of the csv using third party applications.

  1. Get a folder on cloud storagebsuch as Google Files or Dropbox dependent on the compliance accepted in your organization’s.
  2. Get a folder sync application on your phone that syncs the media folder on your android to the server folder on the cloud where any changes on the cloud server changes the folder on the android phone.
  3. Post the csv file on the cloud and it will sync to the phone. Ideally if you manually change the csv file on the cloud the phone changes as per the settings of your folder sync

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Hello hello! How are you?

Looking for something similar, what do you mean with “regular form medication” ?

Thank you for your answer!

Is this related to KoboToolbox?

Hello Kal_Lam, long time no read!

I maybe just didn’t understand Stephanealoo when he said:
“I also noted that you are not open to regular form medication which would sort the issue out.”
As i’m looking to sort the issue out, i would like to understand what he meant and if i can reproduce it in our case…
But it’s maybe just that i didn’t understand the thread and in that case my apologies!


@Quentin, could you also list out your issue (more clearly) so that the community could help you solve your issue?