How can participant return to unsaved data

Please, i need assistance in respect of how can participants return to their unsaved data to continue responding to questionnaire after a timeout without starting allover again. This became necessary due to the volume of the questionnaire and it is tedious for participants to start overall again rather they want to start off from where they left it to complete it.

I look forward to responses.


@fatusio1991, which tool (KoboCollect or Enketo) are you using to collect your data?

Two workarounds:

  • Use the navigation feature in the top menu (if you have multiple pages). This will show the questions and values.
  • In Collect, jump to the end and use “finalise”. This will bring you back to the first “problem”, e.g. a mandatory question not yet filled.

It would also be good to define preferable break-points for enumerators (like a mandatory question not filled or the end of group).

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What I meant by my question is that can participants stop and return to the same page where they stopped while filling the questionnaire?

These are the 2 options you can use. You may try them out, please.

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@fatusio1991, you could try out the workarounds shared by @wroos:

Thank you so much @Kal_Lam @wroos. My problem is now solved.

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@fatusio1991, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: