How can supervisors check the data collected by the enumerators (before they are submitted to the server)?


Thank you very much for whoever is willing to provide an answer to my query.
I would like to know if it is possible to download forms prior their submission to the server.
I am running a data collection in the field and I would like for the collected forms to be check by the enumerators’ supervisor before having them submitted.

Thank you very much!

Hi @agualtiieri,

Welcome to the community! If you wish your supervisors to validate the data collected by the enumerators, you could do the same as outlined in the support article below:

Article: Record Validation
Article: Row-Level Permissions

However, if you wish the supervisors could validate the data collected by the enumerators physically before uploading the data to the server (in the KoBoCollect android app).


I think, the question was validation by supervisor BEFORE sending to the server.

I think, submission to the server can only be done AFTER full (sucessful) validation and 'finalising" a form. But we might need to force review by a supervisor, esp. in cases with errors.

Furthermore, things might get more complicated if the data are encrypted.

One possibility might be to have a supervisor check (maybe even signature) var, required, at the end in the form, plus a non-public code of supervision to enter. The supervisor would need to enter this on the device of the enumerator.

Side-note: We posted a related topic before, see

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