How can we obtain a KMZ file from Kobo Toolbox?


I would like to check with you:

  1. How to obtain a .KMZ file with both geo-location & media data to be used in Google Earth? From this article, there is only the option to download a KML or a ZIP file.

  2. If a KMZ file is not yet possible, is this something that will be baked in at any planned point.

  3. If there is no way not plans to add KMZ as a downloadable format, what is the recommendation to scalably export geo referenced & heavy media data sets, with GPS coordinates & videos, images etc.?


Welcome to the community, @mappingpointsar! Apparently, you will need to use some third-party app to convert the file format from KML to KMZ. You could also get some free online conversion tools on the net to do the same.

Thank you Kal_Lam!

Follow up: +1 on 3P converter, however, wondering how to download Kobo’s data collection output inlcuding geo-ref points, associated form & media information into a single file - which I thought to by KMZ. If I download a KML, only geo-ref points are included so converting the KML into a KMZ wouldn’t serve for this goal.

Do you know the steps to, from Kobo’s output, generate a single file containing all data and convertable to KMZ? Our goal is to use Kobo to generate Googel Earth maps, but we need to have all the information processed through Kobo into Google Earth.

Thanks so much!

Maybe you could create additional calculate variables with calculation in your form (or after export) based on the geopoint format elements of Kobo/Collect?

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