How do i control the text response with a regex expression where a user enters the information in capital letters?

Estimados buenos días,
Tengo un inconveniente al registrar la expresión regex (., ‘^ [AZ] {1,10} $’):
Deseo ingresar una cadena de caracteres limitado y que se escriba con mayúsculas, por ejemplo: EOCHOA.
Aplico la expresión regex (., ‘^ [AZ] {1,10} $’) pero no se que registrar en apariencia, al registrar text, no sucede nada,

Agradezco su ayuda.

Hi @ericka_ochoa,

Welcome to the community! You could do the same as discussed in the post discussed previously:

This discussion should also be helpful:

In addition to the post discussed previously you could also have a look at our support article Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions. It should be more helpful as it attempts to capture a wide range of examples.

Have a great day!

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Muchas gracias