How do i create a cascading select question in an xlsform?

Thanks for giving me lot of support regarding form building.
Could you please help me for give me another xls form to create Word Selection i.e when i select word No-1 Villages under Word no 1- shown and i will pick the name from the list and word no-2,3,… village name will shown
SL Word No Village

1 Word No:01 Suresh Master
2 Sorderpara
3 Radha Ballav
4 Mora Gram
5 Ambari
6 Majkuthi
7 Majhipara
9 Word No:02 KKK
10 CCC
11 Sonarpara
12 Fakir Hazi
13 Nalar Par
14 Soli Member
15 Jalil Member
16 Bandar Ghat
17 Hazipara
18 Word No: 03 Bapari Para
19 Kher Bari
20 HJA
22 ABC
23 Fellah mari
24 Zakirpara
25 Dhoger Hat
26 ukhiya
32 etc….
XLS format is highly appreciated for selection the list…

Best Regards
Palash Sarkar

Hi @PALASH9698,

Please have a look at the support article here which should help you guide on how to build a survey form with a cascading select questions (both in the form builder user interface as well as the xlsform).

Have a great day!

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