How do i create a survey form to calculate scoring weighted questions in KoBoToolbox?

Good day I am seeking assistance on how to input weighting/scoring on questions to calculate a score for respondents. I understand that this can be done via a program or calculations (i know how to do neither). Based on the scored responses, respondents will receive a score and be ranked/prioritized for financial relief…
See attached
Revised04302020_KTB_Revised stef.xlsx (22.4 KB)
Income Support Eligibility and Weighting Matrix (tom).xlsx (19.6 KB)

Hi @scherrie
This is definately possible but you need to do more on your end to get it done or to get support. Ideally the first steps would involve you getting some knowledge about calculation as indicated the following topics on advanced use of calculate

Once you have done that familiarization, you now need to think about the logic before you even create the calculation. An example would be

  1. Laying out the score calculation as you would do it without thinking about the system.
  2. Converting that logic to calculate functions and questions that represent them.
  3. Executing this in the XLS form.

If you are stuck you can reach out for specific support on where you are stuck, and we can provide you guidance on what you have already developed.

All the best.


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