How do I create an airline reservation system using Kobotoolbox

Hi community, I am happy to join you and I hope to benefit from your experiences and information in the Kobo system.
I work in the field of land transportation and I use the Kobo system to enter data for buses, trips, drivers, and land transport companies. I want your help. How can I track the progress of buses from one city to another using the Kobo system? Can I create a travel ticket reservation system using the Kobo system?

Welcome to the community, @itraveladen! With KoboToolbox, you should be able to collect your data and then visualize it either using the custom report that is a built-in feature or using some third-party software such as Excel Power Query or Power BI. Don’t know if KoboToolbox would be able to make you a tracking system. However, please feel free to describe your requirement so that the community should be able to understand what you are looking for and also be able to let you know if that is possible through the system.

But please try to be as much descriptive as possible so that we understand your issue.

Thanks alot my dear