How do i display previous submissions in a form?

Hey Guys,

I created a form and connected it to different form. I am able to pull data from one form to another one by one, but one by one is not enough for me. I have unique ID, there might be more than one submission for each unqiue id, and i would like to show them all in form. For example, if s/he has three submission i would like to see them all in one pull. Is there any way to do it? you can find an example below.


Welcome to the community, @osmanburcu! So you mean, say you have the same unique id for 3 submissions that you wish to pull through the dynamic data attachment? Did I get you correct?

yes, that’s correct. I would like to see all the submissions with same id. I just would like to review them, I don’t want to edit them

@osmanburcu, in such cases, the system will only pull one record. The dynamic data attachment works alike the pull data function.

is there any other way to do it? any suggestion?