How do I enable respondents (using skip logic) to answer the next question IF they select either of three options from a range of, say 5?

I have a bit of challenge, and I do hope someone would kindly assist me. It’s about skip logic: please, how do indicate that, when respondents select any of the three from a range of five responses, then they should be able to view and respond to the next question? In other words, if a participant selects either A, B, or C, and not D or E, then the next question should pop up. Thank you, guys.

Hi @Ikonallah and welcome to the community!

Considering your question name is Q1
and your answer names are 1,2,3,4,5

(selected(${Q1}, '1') or selected(${Q1}, '2') or selected(${Q1}, '3')) and (not(selected(${Q1}, '4')) and not(selected(${Q1}, '5')))

should work for you.

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@Ikonallah, as a backup, this post discussed previously should also be helpful:

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