How do I enable v2 of the kobo api on a deployment made through kobo-docker


I have deployed kobo locally and can access /api/v1 endpoints but cannot access /api/v2
Is there something I must do additionally?

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Hi @rhansen,
I guess you are speaking about KoBoCat API when you are referring to /api/v1 (i.e. https://kc.yourdomain.tld/api/v1).
There is no /api/v2 on KoBoCat API.
Moreover, we have deprecated KoBoCat APi in favor of new KPI API (which has /api/v2 - i.e. https://kf.yourdomain.tld/api/v2).

Please have a look at this article

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does the kobo-install python scripts set that up? maybe I am missing the kf. docker container?

Ahh, found it… for me it was actually


no: /api/v2 was needed

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Yep, kobo-install sets that up.
I’m glad you found a solution

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