How do I enter a date in the main sheet and then take the same value inside the repeat group?

Hi - i’m trying something way more simple but related and can’t find any guidance. Trying to simply take the date entered in the main form and have that as a default date in a repeat section so that it makes data analysis easier on the sub-worksheets created by the repeated section. Is there any simple way to do that in the kobo form builder area (default - i would think! but i don’t find anywhere telling me the syntax of how to write it)
I’m not advanced enough to take this all to the next level!

Welcome to the community, @tabas! Did you mean you wish to enter a date in the main sheet and then take the same value inside the repeat group?

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Thanks so much for the welcome and the reply @Kal_Lam
So yes. that is exactly what i was trying to do… kind of worked it out using a calculation and a youtube tutorial and it seems to work. Not sure if that is the best way but it seems to work.
I added a calcuation field with this - ${DateField} into the repeat group… and also a note that displayed that. That way when i’m working with the sub-worksheet in the download i don’t need to go back and lookup all the date values from the main sheet. It seems to have carried down through. So i am happy - for now!!
Much appreciate that someone is looking here though and this forum is so active. I’m just learning and will need to do much more with Kobo in the next few months…


@tabas Glad you solved your issue :clap:

I think it is a good workaround. So can you share the exact calculation and note so if any user comes across with this issue could have the solution available to them?


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@tabas :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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Hello @tabas,
Hint: Instead of the adfitional note, you could use a normal type variable, e.g. text, integer, with the calculation (column) and set it to read_only (column) true (or yes).

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