How do I get the data in repeat groups via API

I have a repeat loop in my form which collects the main data that I need. When we create an XLS export, 2 sheets are generated : main sheet and repeat group sheet.

Is there a way to get only the repeat group sheet? Is this possible by accessing the data via API?

hey @paani , if you are able to use the JSON API you can access the data you need via api/${apiVersion}/assets/${formId}/data/?format=json .

JSON >> XLS for nested object data :slight_smile:

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Hello, basically what I’m trying to do is getting the data directly onto Google Sheets. Now I found this link : kobocat-googleapps-scripts , which is exactly what I want.

Now the problem is, after adding the above code, it is stuck on Setup . When i click setup, it asks me which server i want to use, but after clicking, it does not go forward. After studying it, I think there’s some problem in the HTML file, specifically with the code

I can’t solve this problem. @Kal_Lam would you help me with this ?