How do I get the survey element of a choice which is part of a kobomatrix

Hi good morning, I have a Section N which is composed of a kobomatrix from questions 73-83, I was hoping to do skip logic to Section O, where if question 73 is a No, it would not show the questions.

The said fields are highlighted in green in the attached file. I cannot attach file, please see link: cbtest - Google Sheets

Welcome to the community, @iamfrancisalbert2! Do you mean, you wish to make a skip logic for a matrix question?

I wanted to use the answer of a matrix into the skip logic, but I am having trouble how to get the index of a survey element

@iamfrancisalbert2, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

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Hi @iamfrancisalbert2, you can seen if you download your from as XLS again, the structure is transformed into standard XLSForm. Unfortunately this is confusing for skip logic, etc. but you can look at the question names from that downloaded sheet and reference those outside of the matrix.

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Yes, I’ve seen this solution. But there is no begin_kobomatrix and end_kobomatrix. I could just easily get the value of Q1_row_1_C1. But my questions is how do I get it in kobomatrix where all Q1 question is named Q1_row_C1?

Could you give an example given the excel sheet that I have given?