How do I return a data or questionnaire that is not well filled by enumerator using KoBoToolbox?

@smartgbola1, I don’t know if you were able to follow the instructions provided above. However, I am re-sharing what has been discussed previously again (but this time with some screenshots so that you can understand).

  • Open your survey project.
  • Then go to DATA>Table.
  • Identify the submission that you wish to send it back to the enumerator.
  • Then press the pen-like edit icon.
  • You will be redirected to a different page (like the one you see when entering data through Enketo).
  • Copy the link to this page and then share it with your enumerator.
  • Your enumerator should be able to make one edit and submit the same back to the server. To make a second edit of the same form by the same enumerator, you will need to re-do the same process from the start again.

Thanks for the super solution to enable quick error corrections.

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Hi everyone!
Dear @Kal_Lam , I have followed the steps you described above coorectly. But the problem I’m facing now is that
when I sent the link to the enumerator, it diplayed an error message and doesn’t allow editing.

Thanks for your assistance

Welcome back to the community, @innocent! This is due to the 30 seconds expiry time. You could follow the same here:

Thank so much dear @Kal_Lam for your help.

I read and use the instruction provided by the link you sent. But I’m still having the same problem.
In fact, I need a step by step instruction to edit the expiration time.
I did not find where I can edit the expiration time.

thanks for answering

@innocent, you should be able to modify the expiration time if you are in a self-hosted server. The publicly hosted server (OCHA or the HHI server) does not allow you with the same.

How can I get (be on) a self-hosted server?
Please help.

Much thank dear @Kal_Lam

Hi @innocent, you can refer to the support pages here: KoBoToolbox on Your Computer or Server — KoBoToolbox documentation

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