How do i share projects with other users

Hello, I have just joined this forum. I see lots of opportunities to learn from experienced friends. Recently I developed a survey and thought it would be convenient sharing the project with other ODK users so they can help me in collecting data. I was to guide them set up the ODK app on their phones. Also I was interested in generating responses in my Google drive and sheets. In the first place, I made all the configurations linking the Kobo project to the google sheet, and it worked perfectly. However, I did not know how to share the project to the rest of the team whom too I wanted them to use Google drive as the server for my project responses. I wonder whether I made myself clear. Anthony.

Welcome to the community @Gikuri_2020! Would you mind having a look at our support article Managing Permissions. It should solve your issue.

But please be informed that sharing of survey projects is only possible if your user account as well as your colleagues user account are both created under the same server (i.e. either under HHI or under OCHA). Sharing across the servers is not allowed i.e. if your user account is under HHI but wish to share a project with a colleague whose user account is under OCHA server.

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