How do i type and search a choice from a select one question type?

Hey Kal! Thanks for your immediate response, the challenge I am facing now is not with how to pull data, but how to able to “type and search” in the “select_one” as I have more than a thousand unique value and previously in Kobo I was able to search and select but not anymore for some reason. unfortunately I am not able to add attachments so I will write down my xls below:

type name label required relevant appearance calculation
start start
end end
select_one typeid typeid Select the type of ID that you want to use false
select_one reg_id reg_id Type the Registration Group Number false ${typeid} = ‘tfamily_group’ search (‘karatepe_august’)
select_one gov_id gov_id Type the Government ID false ${typeid} = ‘tgoverment_id’ search (‘karatepe_august’)
select_one pol_not pol_not Type the Police Note false ${typeid} = ‘tpolice_note’ search (‘karatepe_august’)
select_one cardid cardid Type the Cardholder ID false ${typeid} = ‘tcardholder_id’ search (‘karatepe_august’)
image Point_and_shoot_Use_mera_to_take_a_photo Point and shoot! Use the camera to take a photo false
select_one qn3je46 New_Question New Question false
select_one lu7qc61 Relationship_to_FP Relationship to FP false
calculate version ‘vC8WtrAvveKvPnDZhki6wu’

Hi @alsaied,

Maybe you could have a look at an example that has been discussed which should solve you issue:

Have a great day!

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