How do i upload my xml form to the KoBotoolbox server?

Good morning Colleagues.
I need your technical support on how to upload xml file. I lost my xls file and I’m left with the xml file. Can someone help me how to upload the xml file

Welcome to the community forum. Do you mean importing your XML files onto the server to create your form? If so then this is not possible as discussed in previous topics shown below.


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Hi Stephan.
Thanks for your quick response. As indicated I want to import the xml file (built questios) into Kobo. In that case if it is not possible. Can you please help me convert the xml file to xls file for possible upload

Hi @patito
Unfortunately, this is not possible, you may have to recreate your forms manually to get this done.


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Thanks for the help.

Hi @stephanealoo - As this thread is quite old, I thought to check to see if there might have been any changes to the ecosystem that would make this possible. I have several forms (in xml format) for which I have lost the source xls files. Is there any way to upload the xml forms to Kobo (or directly to a mobile device)? Thanks for any insight. Stevan