How do we change the font size in the matrix question?

Estimada Comunidad

He intentado cambiar el tamaño de la letra en las etiquetas de columna y opciones de respuesta en una matriz pero nunca me ha sido posible, existe alguna forma para que no se vea la letra de estas así de montadas y separadas?



Hi @LuisB,

At present (changing the font size in a matrix question) is not directly possible in KoBoToolbox UI. However this can be done as outlined below:

  • Build a matrix question in KoBoToolbox UI (do not forget to select Grid theme under Layout & Settings once you have completed formatting the matrix question).
  • Download the xlsform as outline here.
  • Make appropriate changes in the xlsform as required. For this you could add various sized headers by prepending # (biggest) to ###### (smallest) to header text.
  • An example of how this can be done is shown in the image below:
  • After making changes in the xlsform, replace the xlsform with the updated/amended one and then redeploy the survey project. You should now be able to see the changes clearly. As an example please see the images below:
    This is an example of the image you see for the default matrix question:

    This is an example of the image you see for the amended matrix question:

Reference xlsform:
Matrix Questions (Example).xls (47.5 KB)