How do we delete a group of data (submissions) without deleting the form in KoBoToolbox?

We have come across an issue that we think will not only relate to us, but many other agencies, this is in relation to data retention (GDPR).

Currently in Kobo we cannot bulk delete data, without deleting the form.
This means if a form is live for a long period of time it will continue to hold all of the data unless we go through and delete each submission row by row.

Is this accurate?
Is there any way to bulk delete data automatically periodically without having to delete row by row while continuing to allow the form to be used on an ongoing basis.
Other is there a way to manually bulk delete without going row by row?

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Hi @karenmcdonnellca,

There an option to bulk delete submissions (manually) from KoBoToolbox. For this simply follow the instructions as outlined in the image below:



thanks @Kal_Lam good to know :slight_smile:

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Hi @Kal_Lam,
We have archived last year’s data on a form and are currently deleting 16,000 or so records. I can use the method set out above in the data/table to filter for old records and delete (e.g.) 500 at a time; but if the selection is less than or greater than the number of viewed table rows then the Delete selected does not act. That is, the screenshot above does not currently work for me.
This is not a high priority as I can detail an administrator to go through the old records, 500 at a time.

Hi @chris,

Thank you for bringing this up in the forum. Could you kindly provide a screenshot to backup so that we could better understand it visually.

Have a great day!

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