How do we design an xlsform where a mandatory text question is asked if any of the multiple questions asked above are not answered?

I have 5 questions, each with 10-20 multiple choice responses. Is there any way to make it mandatory that they select one choice from any of the 5 lists?

(I am asking users to select at least one diagnosis from Common Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Mental Heath Disorders, etc.)


Hi @jblackman,

Could you share a dummy question so that the community could provide you with some suggestions.


I think I have a reasonable workaround, which I will post here. However, I am always looking for better suggestions.

I have three (simplified) questions that are all multiselect:
COMMON DIAGNOSES: Malaria, Diarrhea, Pneumonia
CHRONIC DIAGNOSES: Cardiovascular disease, Respiratory Disease, Endocrine Disease
MENTAL HEALTH: Alcohol abuse, Depression, Psychosis

I want to ensure that users choose a selection in one of these three questions.

My solution:

  • Create a Text question called “Other Diagnosis”
  • Settings > Question options > Mandatory
  • Settings > Skip logic > This question will only be displayed if the following conditions apply: COMMON DIAGNOSES Was not Answered, CHRONIC DIAGNOSES Was not Answered, MENTAL HEALTH Was not Answered AND Question should match all of these criteria.

This works well for me, as I need a question for Other diagnoses. Plus I can place some explanatory text in the Hints field. The question will only show if none of the questions are answered, and it will be mandatory. It will not show if any of the questions are answered, and the mandatory feature will not be in effect.

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Hi @jblackman,

You could do the same as shown in the image below:

In the survey tab:

In the choices tab:

Reference xlsform:
Multiple Choice (conditional skip).xlsx (53.8 KB)


Perfect! Thanks. Starting to see how this all ties together.

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