How do we manage permissions and how do we submit data collected through Enketo?

Hello everyone,

i’ve created my account on server that I used to design a form. It has been deployed via a link but I have two issues in data collection :

1- the form cannot be accessed by users who have created their accounts on . The server requires an authentication and when the user inserts his credentials the form cannot be accessed

2- the form can be accessed via web browser but the data inserted cannot be transmitted to the server but they are saved as drafts.

Help is needed

Hi @cmkamara,

Regarding your first issue:

Yes, the forms deployed from the OCHA server (i.e. cannot be shared with the user account in HHI server (i.e. For more information on this please see the support article on Managing Permissions.

Regarding your second issue:

You should be able to submit your completed survey forms to the server. For more information, please see the support article on Collecting Data through Web Forms.


Just a quick comment. Make sure that your users have valid usernames on the humanitarian server. Then use those same usernames to give them “Add Submissions” privileges for the form in question.

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